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    Softijs is an ice-skating community for students. In this moment, we can only admit people for the complete membership who are registered as a student at the moment of registration with Softijs (this is not the case for summer membership).
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    U.S.S.V. Softijs has different committees, for example the 'Inline skate committee', that organizes the inline skate training in the summer or the 'activity committee' that organizes different activities during the year. Would you like to join a committee? Please check the box below. Then we can contact you with more information.

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    Members can read the society magazine the 'N’icetalk' online on the site. You can also subscribe to receive the paper version of the magazine at home. This is for free.

    Every new member is added to the WhatsApp group. This is without obligations. If you doesn't want to join the WhatsApp group, you can find all the information about the activities of Softijs through other channels. Is it okay to add you to the group?

    Once every two weeks you will receive the newsletter of Softijs, unless you indicate otherwise. In this newsletter, there is given an overview of the coming activities of Softijs. You can also unsubscribe later on. It is recommended to subscribe for the newsletter, to stay up to date.
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    On you can read the privacy statement. If you need any help, contact us.
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    To make payments easy, uses Softijs a standing order for the contribution, any additional training and attended activities of U.S.S.V. Softijs (this also applies to clothes and camps). Debits are always announced beforehand per e-mail by our treasurer.

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    Become a member of Utrecht’s nicest association!

    Are you interested in a membership of Softijs? You can take a complete membership or a summer membership. After registration, our secretary will contact you and she will send you an authorisation for an authomatic collection for the yearly contribution and the payment of activities at Softijs. You need to buy an Olympass yourself at Olympos.