International speed skating

The student association for speed skating in Utrecht, U.S.S.V. Softijs, welcomes international students. We offer the ultimate Dutch experience: speed skating! Join the Dutch students in their pursuit for getting control over their blades and for the feeling of flying over the ice. Next to speed skating, we offer trainings outside the ice season, that are running, cycling, rollerblading and the dry training. There are numerous social activities throughout the year such as drinks, parties and camps.

Do you want to try? Please mail our secretary for a free speed skating training (

For registration, please do as follows:

Download the registration form here. There are two types of membership, the details can be found below. Fill it in completely and send it to U.S.S.V. Softijs, Achter Sint Pieter 25, 3512 HR Utrecht.
There are two types of membership, full and summer membership.

Full membershipSummer membership
contribution 23.00 EUR (1 year)

+Purchase of a Sportcard/Olympass (cost €130,-) at the sporting centre Olympos (ask secretary for details)

contribution 23.00 EUR (1 year)
–  Speed skating training on each Wednesday evening for all levels
–  Possibility for circuit training
–  Access to summer training sessions (running, cycling, dry training, rollerblading)
–  Access to social activities (parties, drinks, camps)
–  Access to student speed skating competitions
–  Access to license membership
–  Access to summer training sessions (running, cycling, dry training, rollerblading)
–  Possibility for circuit training
–  Access to social activities (parties, drinks, camps)


Termination of the membership

The membership of USSV Softijs is automatically prolonged. The membership year is from October 1 until September 30 the next year.

Prolongation of the membership

To end the membership, please send a mail before October 1st to You will obtain a confirmation. Cancellation after October 1th will mean an additional year of membership (and contribution). Next to membership, there is the option to become a donor.


Something unclear or do you have questions? Our secretary is waiting to help you.

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