Besides the training sessions and races there is more to do at Softijs ofcourse, much more to do. One example is the many camps that the association organizes throughout the year. Most camps are training camps aimed at improving your speed skating, cycling and inline skating skills. But most of all these camps are a lot of fun! Each year Softijs organizes a camp in our homeland, a camp abroad, summer intro camp, a cycling camp, a summer ice camp and an inline skate camp.

Homeland camp (BIK, stands for: Binnenland Kamp)

Every year between Christmas and New Years there is the homeland camp. During this camp we go to an ice rink elsewhere in our country with a large group of Softirons. We stay in accommodations close to the rink and spend the day on our speed skates led by different trainers. In the evening and night there is time for fun and special activities. This camp therefore not only provides a boost to your skating skills, but also plays an introductory function so you’re immediately aware of any other Softies!

Abroad camp (BUK, stands for Buitenland Kamp)

The Netherlands are perhaps the biggest country in speed skating in the world, but for the best skate spots you often have to look abroad. Think of Collalbo, an outdoor track in the Italian Alps, the Viking Ship in Hamar, Inzell in southern Germany, a natural ice rink in Falun in Sweden and there are many other beautiful places where life is good. Therefore annually there is the abroad camp. 

Summer intro camp (ZIK, stands for Zomer Introkamp)

Perhaps the only camp in the year where there is hardly any training, for speed skating anyway. This weekend, which usually occurs at the end of September, all holiday stories are told and a list of expectations for the coming season is made. For new Softies it represents a very good opportunity to get acquainted with many other Softies befor the skating season has well and truly begun!

Cycle camp (Wheels)

When the skating season has come to an end that does not mean that we sit still in the summer. Cycling is a good training for skating and real cycling occurs naturally where there are hills or mountains. In the Ascension Weekend we therefore traditionally go to a cottage in the Ardennes where we conquer the biggest pimples of the Ardennes during the day and the evenings will consist of strong storytelling while enjoying a beer. Together with our friends from the speeds skating association in Delft, ELS, we go on Wheels.

Summer ice camp

Traditionally, the speed skating season runs from October to March, but especially for the diehards among us there is a wonderful ice rink laid down in late June/early July in Thialf in Heerenveen. Who are we to not spend a nice weekend there. Outside it may be boiling hot, inside we ride our laps!

Inline skating camp

Within a association full of speed skaters, inline skating will be a big interst as well ofcourse. For the inline skaters since 2 years we compete at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. In relay you spend, as the name suggests, 24 hours on the track. Teams from all over Europe compete in this race. An unforgettable experience that is also a lot of fun! 


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